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Our Sunday Services are at 10:00am

85 Temple Terrace, Lower Sackville

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How to Know God

Being a Christian is more than a title. It involves a relationship with the King of the Universe; the King who sent His Son to save us from our sin so that we can spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

What does this relationship look like? The Bible calls us to be disciples of Christ, just like the twelve normal men that followed Him while He was here on earth. To do this, we must believe that He is Lord of all and desire His will for our lives; doing all things that He asks of us.

Call out to Him now, understanding your sin situation, and acknowledge that you alone cannot do anything about it and need His help to save you.

What We Believe I Did It!

What next?

I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, what comes next?

We have quarterly luncheons following our Sunday services where we can get you acquainted with StoneRidge Fellowship and the ministries we have available. 

After that, get involved and make disciples! We would love for you to join any ministry the Lord leads you to.

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Baptism and Membership

What is baptism? Baptism declares that you are a follower of Jesus Christ. It is a public confession of your faith and commitment to Jesus. It is the next step after salvation through repentance and faith. It is a symbol of your new life as a Christian. We bury the 'old life' and we rise to walk in a 'new life.' Baptism is a symbol meant to show the world that you love, trust and have put your faith in Jesus Christ. 


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