Debbie Edmonds

Director of StoneRidge Kids

"Christ’s death and
resurrection could provide forgiveness for my sins

Most of my childhood was spent on our little hobby farm just outside Bridgewater, NS. I have many fond memories of animal friends, bike rides to the lake and walks through the field with my dad. I grew up in a loving home with two christian parents who openly talked about God’s free gift of salvation and how that gift had changed their lives. I attended a wonderful church and had amazing leaders in Awana and Youth Group who continually showed love to me.

When I was 8 years old, I remember sitting at the supper table with my family while my dad read from the Bible. Today, looking back, I don’t remember exactly what he read but I remember an overwhelming weight in my chest. I remember that I cried. When my parents were able to ascertain what was going on, I went to my bedroom with my dad and he showed me in God’s Word how Christ’s death and resurrection could provide forgiveness for my sins. I prayed, asking for that forgiveness and then I ran downstairs, excited to share this moment with my mom as well.

I met my husband in my teen years, we married and began attending StoneRidge 17 years ago. We have three children and have been extremely blessed to have had so many people pour into them here at our church. That’s part of why I am so excited to be joining the StoneRidge staff as Director of StoneRidge Kids. I have seen firsthand, as a child and again as a parent, the importance of having Christians come alongside families and help teach children from God’s Word.

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