Jason Hayes

Pastor of Youth & Family Ministries

"I talked a good game,
yet my life was a lie

As a child I heard the stories of the Bible; I heard of Jesus. However, if I believed in Jesus, it seemed as though it was merely an intellectual assent to these facts of Jesus. There wasn’t any real transformation.

It was during the divorce of my parents at the age of 13 that my life went into a tailspin of sorts. I entered into a world of sin, rebellion, hurt, and confusion, leaving God behind. I never outright denied the existence of God, or the truths found in the Bible, however, in practice I was a lost, unbelieving sinner in need of grace and forgiveness of my sin and guilt.

Fast forward through my teenage years to my young adult life when I met my wife, Jennifer. It was during this time that God began to convict me of my rebellion and hypocrisy. I say hypocrisy because I had attempted to convince my wife and those acquainted with me that I was a Christian. I talked a good game, yet my life was a lie. Consequently, my wife would confront me (by God’s grace) of the need to be a fruit-bearing Christian—to be authentic, and after a period of time I couldn’t stand that double life any longer.

God granted me repentance and a changed heart—a heart that longed for Him. I found this from reading the Bible and hearing the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ afresh! It was only after I came to see what the gospel truly meant in my life; of how Jesus lived a righteous life in place of my sinful life, and was crucified for my sins—that God was offering grace to a rebel—and I received this new life. Praise God, for salvation truly is of Him!

More about Jason

The journey to Stoneridge Fellowship has been an adventure to say the least! I received formal theological training first at Toronto Baptist Seminary then onto Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary which had its challenges geographically, logistically, and financially. God then opened the doors to do Graduate Studies at Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge Ontario.

I had the privilege of pastoring in my hometown briefly and then accepted a call to be the associate Pastor of Youth and Families in the Niagara Region. God has a unique way of using us and we then felt the call to Stoneridge Fellowship in the new year of 2017! The challenge here at Stoneridge brings with it much excitement and newness as we seek to serve Christ, His Church, and the HRM community.

I have been so blessed by our great God with my beautiful, loving, and supportive wife, Jennifer along with the two greatest kids, my daughter Skylar and my son Sterling! You can catch me spending my time with them enjoying sports, the great outdoors, an exciting movie and even reading some great classic books from the likes of John Bunyan to Thomas Brooks to C.H. Spurgeon. Soli Deo Gloria!

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