Pastoral Search Team

Pastoral Search Team

The search has begun for StoneRidge's next Senior Pastor.

Updates will be posted to this page as they become available.

Your Pastoral Search Team:
Jamie Moore
Jeff Payzant
Deb Edmonds
Jan Mitton
Chris Bell
Jim MacGregor
Lori Smith

Contact the Search Team directly via email:

We have heard back from the potential candidate we met with in December and he has informed us he believes God would have him remain at his current location.  He shared that he was very impressed with Stoneridge.  There was absolutely nothing about our process that he considered negative.  He said the time he spent with us gave him a very clear view of the church, it's people, and the area that we minister in.  He will be praying for us, and looking for opportunities to help with our search as well; specifically by sharing with his regional directors about Stoneridge and our lead pastor requirement.  Although not the result we may have desired we believe it was very positive in nature and shows that our church is very attractive to potential candidates.  We believe this interaction has raised our profile among potential candidates with someone else who can spread the positives that Stoneridge has.  Please continue to pray as your search team will be meeting within the next few weeks to discuss next steps with potential candidates.